IR universal remote control

IR universal remote control


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10 channel IR remote control. For the control of all TELE sensor covers, blind push-buttons with IR receiver, presence detectors with IR receivers and KNX devices with IR receivers.
Battery: 2 microcells (IEC LR 0.3 AAA) (not included)
Range: up to 12 m
Receiver: TELE sensor cover System M MTN5779.., MTN5703..
Blind push-button with IR receiver and sensor connection System M MTN5880.., MTN5864..
ARGUS Presence Master with IR, relay 1-gang MTN5510-1119
ARGUS Presence Master with IR, relay 2-gang MTN5510-1219
ARGUS Presence Master with IR, 1-10 V MTN5510-1419
ARGUS Presence Master with IR, DALI MTN5510-1519
KNX ARGUS Presence with light control and IR receiver MTN6309..
Push-button, 4-gang plus with IR receiver System M MTN6279.., MTN6175..
KNX 1-gang push-button with IR receiver Altira ALB4x152
Unica MGU3.532.18, MGU3.532.25
Unica Top MGU3.532.12, MGU3.532.30
Unica MGU5.532.18, MGU5.532.25
Unica Top MGU5.532.12, MGU5.532.30
Push-button 4-gang plus with room temperature control unit System M MTN6214-03.. /-04..

Contents: Without battery.

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