KNX RF+ Socket 1-fold, 16A, 230VAC

KNX RF+ Socket 1-fold, 16A, 230VAC


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KNX RF+ Socket 1-fold, 16A, 230VAC. Inside plug adapter, Switch Actuator with monostable relays. Current max. 16A ohmic load, 10A with 21μF/3ECG. For operating inside the EU, 868MHz. New KNX RF+ protocol in system mode. Commissioning with ETS5. NO and NC contact operation. Time functions (switch-on/switch-off delay, staircase light function). Status response (active/passive) for each channel. Logical linking of binary data. 8 scenes per channel. Central switching functions and block functions. Connection via MDT KNX RF+ Line Coupler. 3 years warranty.

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