Power supply REG, AC 24 V/1 A

Power supply REG, AC 24 V/1 A


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Power supply for 24 V binary inputs, weather station REG-K/4-gang, analogue input module
REG-K/4-gang, rain sensor, wind sensor with 0 – 10 V interface and heating, KNX/IP router
With fuse.
For installation on DIN rails TH35 according to EN 60715.
Primary supply: AC 230 V, +/- 10 %, 50-60 Hz
Output voltage: AC 24 V
Output current: max. 1 A
Fuse: 5×20 mm, 250 V, T 160 mA
Device width: 5 modules = approx. 90 mm
For supplying power to: Binary input REG-K/8×24 MTN644792, Weather station REGK/ 4-gang MTN682991, Rain sensor MTN663595, Wind sensor with 0-10 V interface and heating MTN663592, KNX/IP router REG-K MTN680329, Thermoelectric valve drive 24 V
Contents: With spare fuse.

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