Push-button interface, 2-gang plus

Push-button interface, 2-gang plus


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Generates an internal signal voltage for connecting two conventional push-buttons or floating contacts, and for direct connecting two low-current LEDs.
The cores are 30 cm long and can be extended to max. 7.5 m. For installation in a conventional 60 mm switch box.
KNX software functions: Switching, dimming or controlling blinds via 1 or 2 inputs, position values for blind control (8-bit), pulse edges with 1-, 2-, 4-, or 8-bit telegrams, differentiation between short and long activation, initialisation telegram, cyclical transmission, pulse edges with 2-byte telegrams, 8-bit linear regulator, scenes, counter, disable function, break contact/make contact, debounce time. Outputs for connecting control lamps (low-current LEDs) for the status display.
For each input/output object type:
Contact voltage: < 3 V (SELV)
Contact current: < 0.5 mA
Output current: max. 2 mA
Max. cable length: 30 cm unshielded, can be extended up to max. 7.5 m with twisted unshielded cable.
Dimensions: approx. 40×30.5×12.5 mm (LxWxH)

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