Weather combi-sensor DCF-77

Weather combi-sensor DCF-77


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The weather combi-sensor includes a wind sensor, precipitation sensor, twilight sensor and three brightness sensors (East, South, West). With integral DCF77 receiver, antenna rotatable through 45° and integrated heater (protection against thawing and condensation). Suitable for external installation on a wall or a pole. The sensor is connected to an REG-K 4-gang weather station.
The weather data is evaluated in the weather station. The necessary power supplies are provided by the weather station with connected power supply REG.
Power supply: AC 24 V (+/- 15 %)
Power consumption: max. 600 mA (with heating)
Sensors: 6
Wind speed: 1 … 40 m/s (≤ 0.5 m/s)
Brightness: 0 … 110 klux (+/- 10 %)
Twilight 0 … 250 lux
Type of protection: IP 65 when installed
Temperature range: – 40 °C … + 60 °C (non-icing)
Fixing method: Mounting bracket
Dimensions: 130×200 mm (ØxH)
In KNX, to be completed with: Weather station REG-K/4-gang MTN682991

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