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KNX ARGUS Presence


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Presence detection indoors.
If KNX ARGUS Presence detects smaller movements in the room, data telegrams are transmitted via KNX to control the lighting, blind or heating at the same time.
When the lighting is controlled by brightness dependent movement detection, the device constantly monitors the brightness in the room. If sufficient natural light is at hand, the device switches the artificial light off even if a person is present. The overshoot time can be adjusted using the ETS.
With integrated bus coupling unit. For ceiling mounting in a size 60 mounting box, optimal installation at 2.5 m. Can also be mounted to ceilings using the surface mounting housing for ARGUS Presence.
KNX software functions: Five movement/presence blocks: up to four functions can be triggered per block. Telegrams: 1 bit, 1 byte, 2 bytes. Normal operation, master, slave, monitoring, safety pause, disable function. Four movement sensors: the sensitivity and range can be set separately for each sensor. Self-adjusting staircase timer. Actual brightness value: can be detected via the internal and/or an external light sensor. Actual value correction.
Angle of detection: 360°
Range: a radius of max. 7 m (at a mounting height of 2.50 m)
Number of levels: 6
Number of zones: 136 with 544 switching segments
Number of movement sensors: 4, separately adjustable
Light sensor: internal light sensor infinitely adjustable from approx. 10 to 2000 Lux (ETS); external light sensor via KNX
EC Directives: Low-voltage guideline 2006/95/EC and EMC guideline 2004/108/EC
Accessories: Surface-mounted housing for ARGUS Presence MTN550619
Contents: With bus connecting terminal and supporting plate.

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aluminium, polar white

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