KNX switch actuator 16 A FM with 2 inputs

KNX switch actuator 16 A FM with 2 inputs


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1-gang switch actuator with two inputs for installation in a size 60 switch box or ceiling socket-outlet with hook. Floating contacts can be connected to the two inputs.
The first input is assigned to the actuator at the factory, enabling operation without programming.
Connection to 230 V via a flexible cable, approx. 20 cm long. The inputs and the KNX are connected via a 6-core, approx. 30 cm long, connecting cable. The connecting cable for the inputs can be extended to a max. of 5 m.
KNX software functions: Switch actuator functions:
Operation as break contact or make contact. Selection of default position on bus voltage failure/recovery. Switch on and/or off delay. Time switch function. Switching. Status feedback.
Logic operation. Disable function or priority control. Status feedback object can be inverted.
Input function:
Free assignment of the switching, dimming, blind and valuator functions. Locking object.
Behaviour when bus voltage recovers.
Switching: two switch objects per input. Command on rising/falling edge (ON, OFF, TOGGLE, no reaction).
Dimming: Single surface and dual-surface operation. Time between dimming and switching and dim step values. Telegram repetition and send stop telegram.
Blinds: Command on rising edge (none, UP, DOWN, TOGGLE), Operation concept (Step – Move – Step or Move – Step). Time between short and long operation. Slat adjustment time.
Valuator and lightscene ext. input: Edge (push-button as make contact, push-button as break contact, switch) and value on edge. Value adjustment via long push-button action for valuator.
Lightscene ext. unit with memory function.
Nominal voltage: AC 230 V
Nominal current: 16 A, ohmic load
Switch contact: Make contact, floating relay contact
Nominal output
Incandescent lamps: AC 230 V, max. 2500 W
Halogen lamps: AC 230 V, max. 2200 W
LV halogen lamps: max. 1000 VA, wound transformer max. 1000 W, electronic transformers
Capacitive load: AC 230 V, 10 A, max. 105 μF
Inputs: 2
Temperature range: -5 °C to 45 °C
Type of protection: IP 20
Dimensions: 53x53x28 (WxHxD)
Note: For installation in a double box or an electronic box (Kaiser). There must be a minimum gap of 4mm between the 230V connection and the connection for the KNX/Inputs (SELV)

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