KNX Year Time Switch REG-K/8/800

KNX Year Time Switch REG-K/8/800


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8-channel KNX time switch with year and astro program. Time switch with connection option for DCF and GPS antenna. To enable radio-controlled time synchronisation via DCF or GPS, the device needs to be fitted with the relevant antenna. Time and date can be issued on the bus.
The device can be programmed manually on the device itself or on the PC using software. After programming on the PC, all switching times are exported to a memory chip available as an accessory, and transmitted from this into one or more time switches.
■ Comprehensive annual clock functions
■ 8 channels
■ 800 memory switching time locations
■ 8 years power reserve (lithium battery)
■ Text-oriented user interface in the display
■ Display lighting (can be switched off)
■ Astronomic switch function (automatic calculation of sunrise and sunset times for the whole year)
■ Time synchronisation by connecting an external DCF or GPS antenna; in the case of GPS, additional positioning for astro program
■ Time and date synchronisation for other bus devices
■ Automatic changeover between summer and winter time
■ Switch-off timer
■ Holiday program
■ 2 random programs
■ Integrated operating hours counter
■ ON/OFF switching times
■ Impulse program
■ Cycle program
■ Switch preselection
■ ON/OFF permanent switching
■ PIN coding
■ Interface for memory card (PC programming)
■ Screwless terminals for 2 lines each
With integrated bus coupler. For installation on DIN rails TH35 according to EN 60715. The bus is connected using a bus connecting terminal; a data rail is not necessary.
Operating voltage: Bus: DC 24 V
Mains: AC 110-240 V
Shortest switching time: 1 s
Accuracy: ≤ ±0.5s/day
Power reserve: 8 years
Type of protection: IP 20
Device width: 3 modules = approx. 54 mm
In KNX, to be completed with: DCF77 Antenna V2 MTN6606-0070, GPS Antenna MTN6606-0071
Accessories: Acti 9 – Programming kit for IHP / IC / KNX Year Time Switch CCT15860, IHP+ and KNX Year Time Switch key CCT15861

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