Room temperature control unit for properties

Room temperature control unit for properties




For System M.
KNX room temperature control unit for properties with integrated bus coupler. Depending on the operating mode, the current temperature setpoint value and the actual room temperature, a control value for the heating or cooling control unit is transmitted to the KNX. The temperature can optionally be measured by the internal or by an external bus temperature sensor.
The room temperature control unit can be used for heating and cooling with infinitely adjustable
KNX valve drives or to trigger switch actuators and heating actuators. Operating mode, nominal value, control function settings made only via the bus The device does not have any operating and display elements.
With integrated bus coupler. The bus is connected using a bus connecting terminal.
KNX software functions:
Functions of the room temperature control unit:
Controller type: 2-step control, continuous PI controller, switching PI controller (PWM)
Output: continuous in the range 0 to 100% or switching ON/OFF
Controller mode:
■ Heating with one controller output
■ Cooling with one controller output
■ Heating and cooling with separate controller outputs
■ Heating and cooling with one controller output
■ 2-step heating with 2 control outputs
■ 2-step cooling with 2 control outputs
■ 2-step heating and cooling with 4 control outputs
Operating modes: Comfort, comfort extension, standby, night reduction, frost/heat protection
Move all setpoints, save all setpoint temperatures and operating modes when reset, external temperature monitoring, additional output of the control value as 1 byte value on the PWM.
Monitoring function for the actual temperature, valve protection function.
Operation: only via bus telegrams.
Contents: With bus connecting terminal and supporting plate.
With protective hood for plaster.

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active white, glossy, aluminium, anthracite, polar white, glossy, white, glossy

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