Shutter Actuator 1-fold, flush mounted, 6A, 230VAC

Shutter Actuator 1-fold, flush mounted, 6A, 230VAC




Shutter Actuator 1-fold, flush mounted, 6A, 230VAC.


Shutter Actuator to feed 230VAC shutter motors up to 300W. With monostable relays, current max. 6A with ohmic load. Comprehensive application. Operation mode blind/shutter. Practical ventilation function (window open/tilt). Travel-, pause-at-change-of-direction and step time adjustable. Separate travel time for up and down adjustable. Tip operation for accurate positioning. Extended 1Bit automatic positions and logical functions. 1Byte absolute positioning for shutter and blinds. Alarm, central- and block functions. Behavior after alarms and block separately adjustable. Priority/forced operation with automatic release time. Adjustable behavior in case of bus voltage return. Dimensions (W x H x D): 41mm x 41mm x 22mm. Quick application download (long frame support for ETS5). 3 years warranty.

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