Switch actuator, flush-mounted/230/16

Switch actuator, flush-mounted/230/16


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For switching a load via a make contact. With integrated bus coupler and screw terminals. The device is connected to the bus with a bus connecting terminal. The actuator can be built into a 47 mm ceiling socket with hook or a flush-mounted switch box.
KNX software functions: Operation as break or make contact, delay functions for each channel, staircase lighting function with/without manual OFF function, cut-out warning for staircase lighting function, blocking and additional logic operation or priority control, scenes, status feedback function per channel, central function, comprehensive parameterisation for bus voltage failure and recovery, parameterisable download behaviour.
Nominal voltage: AC 100-240 V ±10%
Operating voltage: min. AC 90 V – max. AC 265 V
Mains frequency: 50-60 Hz ±10%
Nominal current: 16 A, ohmic load cosϕ = 1
10 A, inductive load cosϕ = 0,6
Nominal load
Incandescent lamps: AC 100 V, max. 1173 W
AC 230 V, max. 2700 W
AC 240 V, max. 2817 W
Halogen lamps: AC 100 V, max. 739 W
AC 230 V, max. 1700 W
AC 240 V, max. 1773 W
Fluorescent lamps: AC 100 V, max. 434 VA
AC 230 V, max. 1000 VA
AC 240 V, max. 1043 VA
Capacitive load: AC 230 V, 10 A, max. 105 μF
Dimensions: 51x52x29 mm (WxHxD)
Contents: With bus connecting terminal.

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