KNX Energy Meter, REG-K/3×230 V/16 A

KNX Energy Meter, REG-K/3×230 V/16 A


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Device for measuring and monitoring energy consumption at up to three channels. Different phases can be connected to the channels. The data is transmitted to the KNX bus for analysis and visualisation.

There is a resettable energy counter and a total energy counter for each channel. The device saves the values in the event of a power failure. If one of up to 8 threshold values is exceeded, telegrams for energy-saving and alarm functions can be sent to different loads via the bus. The energy meter can receive energy values measured externally (e.g. from other energy
meters or switch actuators with current detection) via the KNX bus and summate them. With screw terminals. Suitable for installation on DIN rails TH35 according to EN 60715.
KNX software functions: Functions per channel:

Adjustable energy unit (Wh/kWh). Energy meter (resettable). Total energy meter.

Adjustable transmission of power and current values. Energy-saving function: telegrams for saving energy (switch object, value object, dimming object, scene object and temperature object) are sent when one of up to 8 threshold values is exceeded. 8 separately adjustable threshold values with tolerance (selectable via object).
Adjustable tolerances and delays.
Alarm function: alarms are sent when current values fall above or below threshold values.
Adjustable tolerances and delays.
Functions for all channels:

Consumption values with time stamp. Time can be received via an external KNX timer.
Adjustable nominal voltage (210-240 V). 4 energy counters to count seperatly depending on tariff. Summation of energy values from several channels and external energy values. Status responses regarding bus voltage failure, exceedance of power, total power and tariff meters.
Energy measurement:
Number of channels: 3
Nominal voltage: AC 220/230 V, 50/60 Hz
Max. current per channel: 16 A
Min. current per channel: 20 mA (power factor 1)
Detection accuracy:
Power and current measurement (calculated): max. 10 %
Capacity of total power meter: > 2 million kWh
Temperature range: -5°C to + 45°C
Type of protection: IP 20
Device width: 4 modules = approx. 72 mm

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