2-gang switch actuator 6 A FM with 2 inputs

2-gang switch actuator 6 A FM with 2 inputs


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2-gang switch actuator with two inputs for installation in a size 60 switch box. Floating contacts can be connected to the two inputs.
The inputs have already been assigned to the corresponding actuators at the factory, enabling operation without programming.
Connection to 230 V via a flexible cable, approx. 20 cm long. The inputs and the KNX are connected via a 6-core, approx. 30 cm long, connecting cable. The connecting cable for the inputs can be extended to a max. of 5 m.
KNX software functions: Switch actuator functions:

Operation as break contact or make contact. Selection of default position on bus voltage failure/recovery. Switch on and/or off delay. Time switch function. Switching. Status feedback.
Logic operation. Disable function or priority control. Status feedback object can be inverted.
Input function:
Free assignment of the switching, dimming, blind and valuator functions. Locking object.
Behaviour when bus voltage recovers.
Switching: two switch objects per input. Command on rising/falling edge (ON, OFF, TOGGLE, no reaction).
Dimming: Single surface and dual-surface operation. Time between dimming and switching and dim step values. Telegram repetition and send stop telegram.
Blinds: Command on rising edge (none, UP, DOWN, TOGGLE), Operation concept (Step – Move – Step or Move – Step). Time between short and long operation. Slat adjustment time.
Valuator and Scene ext. input: Edge (push-button as make contact, push-button as break contact, switch) and value on edge. Value adjustment via long push-button action for valuator.
Scene ext. unit with memory function.
Nominal voltage: AC 230 V
Nominal current: 6 A, ohmic load
Switch contacts: 2x make contacts
Nominal output
Incandescent lamps: AC 230 V, max. 1200 W
Halogen lamps: AC 230 V, max. 1200 W
LV halogen lamps: max. 500 VA, wound transformer
max. 500 W, electronic transformers
Capacitive load: AC 230 V, 6 A, max. 14 μF
Inputs: 2
Temperature range: -5 °C to 45 °C
Type of protection: IP 20
Dimensions: 53x53x28 (WxHxD)
Note: For installation in a double box or an electronic box (Kaiser). There must be a minimum gap of 4mm between the 230V connection and the connection for the KNX/Inputs (SELV)

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